Summer in the North: 5 days in Malmö, Sweden

Summer in the North: 5 days in Malmö, Sweden

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Screeching seagulls above the rooftops of Malmö ring in the day. Only a few hours they were silent, as the summer nights here in the north are much shorter. I put on a shirt and slip into my shorts. I don’t want to miss a morning run along the coast. Hardly out of the door the cool sea breeze rises into my nose and simultaneously covers my hair. The air is salty and fresh. The North: A region of Europe unknown to me so far. I run, always in the direction of blue infinity. And find it just a few minutes from our apartment. Once you’ve passed the Turning Torso – the unmistakable landmark of the city – there’s sea noise instead of the motorway. Sand instead of concrete. This is where I belong. At least for five days.


Sustainability is a top priority here

The small town not far from Copenhagen has just 328,000 inhabitants. That’s less than in Zurich. And yet Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and probably the greenest of all. It does not only have a lot of parks, for the whole city sustainability is very important. To discover all the pretty places, restaurants and brunch oases, it’s best to get on your bike.

With 500 kilometres of cycle paths, Malmö is a real bicycle city. Every fourth ride is done on two instead of four wheels, and the trend is rising. Tourists can rent a bike at over 50 stations in the city. And if you stay overnight at the Ohboy Hotel like we do, you’ll have your ticket included in the price already (as well as the bus tickets for the whole day).

And because Malmö is so green, you will also find many offers as a vegan. And: The cappuccino can be served with oat milk in any café, however small. Of course there are also numerous vegan cafés and restaurants. I’ve tested pretty every single one of them for you and I’m happy to share my culinary knowledge in this blog post…


The prettiest bakery in town: Söderberg & Sara


Söderberg & Sara

This bakery is as instagrammable as no other in Malmö. Chris also tested the sweet biscuits and I drank a kombucha. A visit here is always worthwhile. The bread looked really crispy.



In the Jord not only the foodie heart beats faster. Every fan of Scandinavian design can hardly get enough, although the interior is kept typically simple. And I can confirm that the whole thing not only comes across nicely, but also convinces in terms of taste. The menu is mainly designed for breakfast and light lunch and changes according to the season. I ordered scrambled tofu, which was served with toasted bread, tomatoes and spinach. Super tasty! Chris chose a Granola Bowl with coconut milk garnished with strawberries and mint.


The best scrambled tofu can be found at Jord.


Raw Food House

In this house everything is raw, vegan and free of sugar and gluten. So it’s mine exactly! Here you are spoilt for choice. There’s probably a dozen cakes and as many bliss balls. In summer the Raw Food House also serves homemade ice cream. By the way: If you are a Kombucha drinker, you have to test the local provider here.


Noir Kaffekultur

There’s coffee here. The best. Never before have I had such a creamy cappuccino that was also very strong. If you need something sweet, you can treat yourself to a small pastry. Some of it is even vegan and gluten-free. In summer you can sit outside in the Noir. So you have the best view over the pedestrian zone and people-watching. Real cozy.



The Sajvva, on the other hand, is situated on a rather busy road. The interior of the restaurant is very nice and stylishly furnished. The menu is clear and yet the decision was not easy for us. The menu is Asian and every single dish sounds like a poem. And that’s how it tasted. Chris chose a Korean rice punch, I chose the lukewarm Vietnamese noodle salad. Magnificent! In addition, we were already asked for allergies or special wishes when ordering, also very pleasant.



There’s a bigger brunch every Saturday in the avocado. There are two different plates for this, both of which we have of course tested. Each of them consists of a salty bowl with a cold salad of rice noodles, tempeh and dressing with an Asian touch. There is a seasonal smoothie, a ginger shot and a bread with either hummus or avocado. Of course, something sweet should not be missing either. All in all, the brunch plate will certainly make you full. It’s just a pity you can’t sit outside.


Saturday is brunch day: There are two different platters at Avokado.


Holy Greens

The Holy Greens is perfect when you have to go fast at noon. The snack bar is located in the Saluhall, where there are many other food stands. Chris and I both ate a big bowl of green stuff, rice and quinoa here the day we arrived. Just ask for a vegan alternative when dressing, that was no problem for us.


St. Jakob Bakeries

If you are travelling in Sweden, you should not miss out on the bakeries. We came to St. Jakob Bakery by chance. Because we actually wanted to go into the atrium, which is directly opposite. But since there was more evening sun in the bakery, we drank our cappuccino there. But both restaurants are very nicely furnished and exude the typical Scandinavian charm.


Bageri Leve

I heard a lot about Bageri Leve in advance. The small bakery has an equally small selection, which is certainly a quality feature in this case. Because I can tolerate gluten very badly, the employee advised us and we then decided on a bread that does not contain wheat. In general, it should be noted that all breads are made of sourdough and are therefore easier to digest anyway.


What else can be discovered…

Whether for a long walk, a sunbath or a courageous jump into the cool water: Malmö’s beach promenade is a must. Those who prefer it more unusual can also try water skiing or go to the 25th floor of the Malmö Live tower. There is even a restaurant up there with the best drinks in town.

Especially beautiful are also the many green parks of the city with the ponds, in which dozens of ducks and geese romp.

We were not big shopping but the “Ab Smaland” I can really recommend to you. This is not only a café, but also a totally great concept store. Here you will find a large selection of fair fashion and lots of decoration inspiration for a Scandinavian home. A dream!

Did you also know that Copenhagen is only 30 minutes from Malmö? A day trip to the Danish capital is worthwhile.

Last but not least: The skatepark right in front of the Ohboy Hotel. Somehow we liked the atmosphere there and so we went to the supermarket (ICA) next door for a picnic twice in one evening and ate outside next to the skaters. When the sun goes down slowly, the day can end well with the many skateboards and good music. Sometimes this “simple life” is the most beautiful after all.


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