Q+A #1: 20 questions + answers – what you wanted to know!

Q+A #1: 20 questions + answers – what you wanted to know!

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The best thing about being a blogger is to interact with you. I love sharing content with you because I think we can learn a lot from each other. Every day dozens of questions reach me, on very different topics. Since I sometimes don’t get to answer all of them individually – or it makes more sense to share the answers with all of you – I’m starting a new series on the blog.

So here comes the first “Q+A” with 20 questions you asked me. And: Please don’t be angry if your question has not been answered. The next round is bound to come! That’s why you are welcome to keep on asking me by simply leave me your question under this blog post in a comment. Have fun!


1) How do you feel about short-haul flights?

Short-haul flights are too cheap. And man, too comfortable. As a result we take the plane far too often – even for short distances. As you may know, I spent a semester of my studies in Berlin. For the outward journey I took the bus, back we took the car. Since then I have visited the city four more times. And you know what? I’ve flown every time. Clearly, this is not good and, of course, not the best for the environment. I know that. But I am only human and not perfect. I cut back on so many things in my everyday life. I do my shopping as seasonally and regionally as possible, I don’t use plastic bags, I recycle, I don’t eat meat or dairy products, I hardly buy any more fashion and if I do, it’s only fair and sustainbale. I could go on like this and defend myself. But I don’t have to. Because that’s my way. I try to live in an environmentally friendly way. I don’t drive a car, for example, I don’t even have a driver’s license. But now and then, that’s where I fly. And not only long distances, but also shorter ones like to Berlin. Because it takes A) less time and B) is half as expensive. Shame on me!


2) Why don’t you film YouTube videos?

I have a YouTube channel. Did you know that? In fact, I haven’t uploaded a video for a long time. Actually, I really enjoy being active there too. But I have to say, I’m more of a writer. There are people who can talk a lot better than I can. And somehow I’m never sure if I should make the videos in German or English. Or even Swiss German. Let me know in the comments. Would you watch my videos? And if so, in what kind of videos would you be interested in?


3) Who do you want to reach with your words?

What a poetic question. My blog can of course be read by anyone and I think it’s great that I’m not just addressing one target group. Which, by the way, many people don’t know: Most readers are between 25 and 35 years old and female. Feel free to tell me why you read my blog! In general: I am happy to be able to inspire people to lead a healthier and more sustainable life.


4) Is Switzerland the place where you want to get old?

I love to travel and discover new places in this world. And I can well imagine that I will not spend my whole life in Switzerland. But as much as I like to be away, I’m also at home. Because this is my home and Switzerland is a wonderful place to live. To come back to the question: Well possible!


5) Do you have a recommendation for natural face care products (cleaning to care)?

You ask me this question quite often. Funny: Because I never actively report about it and have never introduced specific care products. But maybe that’s why the question comes up. Well: I’m currently a big fan of the Organic Pharmacy products. I always order them through marionnaud.ch. The products are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals. They have their price – yes, but I think you can spend your money more stupidly!


6)Β How do you eat enough calories as a vegan? I do my best, but I still feel weak and lose weight.

As you probably know, for the longest period of my life I was vegetarian. When I became a vegan about two years ago, I had to get used to it. And eat more. Yes, the portions are simply larger. This makes sense if most of the food consists of vegetables. Therefore, don’t be afraid to eat until you are satisfied. Nuts or dates (which I like to eat in the form of Bliss Balls) also help me. They are small, compact and full of energy. And as for fatigue: it can have many causes. Maybe you have a vitamin B-12 deficiency? By the way, I have written a whole blog post about this topic.


7) How tall are you?

I’m 5’7 ” (177 cm) tall. What would you have guessed? Fun Fact: As a child I always wanted to be smaller. At school I was always the tallest girl for a long time and also outdid the boys. It didn’t suit me at all. But today I’m glad to be tall!


8)Β I was interested in reading your blog post about Avocados. But I saw that you have a pineapple in some of the pictures. Can I eat them without hesitation or should consumption be reduced?

First of all: You are welcome to view the article here, if you are interested in reading it too. And now to the question: The pineapple has unexpectedly become my trademark. When we did the first Fair Fashion Shooting two years ago, Chris came up with the idea to integrate the pineapple – just as a gag. That looked so cool that she is still allowed to play guest on my pictures. By the way, she is called Mr. Pineapple by you lovingly. But now to the real question: I only buy such a fruit for shootings. For the most part, I only eat regional fruits. I’m pretty hard on myself. But: When I buy one, it’s always organic and fairtrade. In general, I think it is fair to say that the Avocados business is much more blatant than that of other tropical fruits. Simply because such a hype has arisen around the avocado. But of course it makes more sense to eat an apple. But let’s face it: as a subject for photos, it doesn’t look amazing and is probably reminiscent of William Tell rather than fashion! πŸ™‚


9) You wrote a blog post about “Running in winter”. What tips do you have for jogging in summer at hot temperatures?

I wish we had the problem that it’s too hot to run. I think I’ll be happy to make a separate blog post in the summer. At the moment I can’t imagine what kind of problems you have to fight with; -)


10) How do I manage to bring diversity into my eating habits? I kind of always eat the same thing.

I have to say right at the beginning that I am someone who is able to eat the same food for 3 days without any problems. If it tastes good and I have a recipe that suits me perfectly, then I hardly ever eat enough of it. That’s how I feel with my silken tofu bowl or lentil pasta. Or curry. But I can only advise you: Just buy things you don’t know and try them out. For example, there are so many great old vegetables that hardly ever end up on our plates. And especially nowadays there are countless recipe databases. Googling helps; -)


11) What do you eat in a day?

I don’t have to say much about it, so you can check out this blog post from me.


12) How do you manage to be so consistent (sports, food, etc.)?

This is all routine. With me, all this has been so well integrated into my everyday life that I couldn’t be without it anymore. I miss the sport when I neglect it once. And when it’s the same with food: When I eat and cook healthy and fresh, I feel better. Never before have I felt as fit and healthy as I do today. And by the way, my body punishes me badly for eating unhealthy food. I notice that especially when I go out for dinner. If it is too greasy or not fresh, it can happen that I still feel really nauseous the day after.


13) What’s your favourite tofu?

I like – and this is not surreptitious advertising – the Taifun Tofu very much. But the most ingenious thing is of course when the tofu is fresh. I’ve only seen this before in Asia. Quite a different league! And when I’m in Berlin, I also like to shop with the tofu chicks. In general, it is important for Tofu to always buy it organic. Why? Feel free to watch this video.


14) What do you think about vegans feeding their pets meat?

I recently had this discussion with one of my friends. She bought two little cats and then asked herself if she could not feed them vegan. It doesn’t work on cats. At least I’ve never read anything else. I also have to say: I don’t have any pets myself and I’m more of a dog person anyway. However, it is possible to feed dogs vegan.



15) Do you use a drinking water filter or do you buy water?

In Switzerland we are lucky to have really good tap water. I think it’s unnecessary to buy water. It’s just plastic waste again.


16) Which books and blogs on sustainability can you recommend?

My absolute favorite blogger in this area is dariadaria. Have you ever heard their podcasts before? I think it’s really great. But then there are also many smaller blogs, which I love to read. Actually, I could make a separate blog post for that. Good idea! In the meantime: Make sure you check out Mia and Justine and stop by.


17) Would you recommend that I start drinking coffee?

Well, if you like coffee? I really had to smile at this question. But I can also understand why she comes so often. I post my coffee machine almost daily in the stories on Instagram. A blog post has just gone online. It’s about why coffee is healthy and how to drink it without a guilty conscience.


18) Have you had your blood values checked once?

Sure. Just last summer. I would recommend this to all vegans and vegetarians. Well, actually, the meat eaters, too. A B-12 deficiency is not a primary problem for people who do not use animal products. I can proudly say that I have no shortcomings. Only B12 was a bit low for me, since then I supplement daily. If you want to read more about B12, this blog post is recommended!


19) How do you earn your money?

By writing blog posts, promoting products on Instagram, being invited to events, giving cooking courses, writing texts for magazines and online portals, etc. The job as a blogger is very versatile! πŸ™‚


20) What are you studying?

I’m studying Multimedia Production at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur. I am now in the 6th semester and am writing my bachelor thesis. So the end is coming, jippy!

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  • Hey there Anina!!πŸ™Œ I followed you till here…😜 Absolutely loved your Q+A here…πŸ’š Thank you for answering my “YouTube” question😘 loads of love!!!πŸ’‹πŸ’•

  • Hii Anina!!! I followed you till here ( cuz I love you and your work so much). This one was an awesome Q+A that you did. Thank you for answering my “YouTube” question. As soon as I read that you are already there on YouTube, i straight away went away to YouTube only to find out that I am already subscribed to your channel through my mum’s account. Friend, you should do videos on YouTube, in English preferably. You could tell us about veganism (more), you could do recepies, you could tell more about eco-lifestyle, fair fashion, about YOURSELF, for goodness sake (you are amazing!!). There’s much more in store. Your @aniahimsa fam is with you love, we might help you with ideas, we’ll support you. And if you are wondering (just if :-D) why I am propelling you to do YouTube videos, I don’t know but I just love the idea of having you in videos, I feel, that way, we could connect even better (just my opinion). Well, I thought u were even taller.. ;-P ANINA, I love visiting you and your page on different platforms because you are really positive and inspiring. To me, you have become such a good and important friend, I love to hear from you…I love to see you all happy and smiling and being loved by the @aniahimsa fam of 57.8k+ … You deserve every bit of it for the hardwork that you do for us… Soo…I would like to end this longgg comment by saying all the best for your college and your beautiful life..Do take care of yourself and smileee…Loads of love Anina…- Dhanshree <3 [{ PLEASE REPLY!!}]

    • Dear Dhanshree. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. You are such a sweetheart, really! πŸ™‚ I’ll think about this YouTube project again, I promise you! Love, Anina

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