28 days vegan – the challenge in February!

28 days vegan – the challenge in February!

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Quite often you ask me how I’ve managed go vegan and follow a plant-based diet. And I actually always answer that this was a process. To be honest, it was actually quite a long way and the final decision took me two years in total. There are people who make this decision overnight and then stick to it. I really admire that. By the way, I just recently witnessed this with a friend. She had a dream that shook her up so much that she has never touched a piece of cheese again.

What I’m saying is, there’s no one right way to become vegan. Everyone has to decide this for themselves and find out what is more sustainable at the end of the day and has a long-term future. Some of them first become vegetarians and gradually let go of the dairy products. Again, some other people live mostly vegan and sometimes make exceptions. Others go straight from zero to one hundred. I guess I’d see myself somewhere in between. As many of you know, I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life. Living as a vegan became an issue for me with when I left my parents’ house (but there is a whole blog post about it here). But only about a year later I made the right first attempt to eat purely plant-based. At that time with a “30-day Vegan Challenge” at the beginning of the new year.

Why am I telling you this? Well, February is the shortest month of the year and is the perfect time to take up the idea of this challenge again. That’s what I came up with when I saw the current campaign of “Tier im Fokus”. The swiss organisation calls for 28 days of pure plant-based nutrition. As I have already had such a challenge myself and have been eating vegan for quite some time now, I would like to invite you to try out how it feels this month.


In those 28 days of February, I will tell you what you need to know for this time of transition and how to do something good for the environment and for yourself. This time is also perfect for all of you who want to lose a few extra pounds by the way.


Next month the following topics are waiting for you on my blog:

  • Vegan dips and sauces
  • Milk substitutes: What there are plus recipes
  • The best meat alternatives and the protein question
  • B12 – why is supplementing important?
  • 20 reasons to live vegan
  • Eating out as a vegan
  • How do I tell my friends/family without excluding myself?


If you have any more suggestions or questions that you would like to have answered, please let me know. I am totally open for your ideas as well and really appreciate your support!



The facts and figures


But let’s start today with a few naked numbers. According to Proviande, the industry organisation of the Swiss meat industry, the Swiss eat 50.98 kilograms of meat per capita per year. Added to this are 176.6 eggs, 114.7 kilograms of milk and dairy products. In the month of February, about 35,000 tonnes of meat, about 80,000 tonnes of milk and dairy products as well as nearly 124 million eggs would not be eaten in Switzerland if everyone in this country lived vegan for 28 days. Of course, it is unrealistic that the whole of Switzerland would quit animal products over night. And that would not make sense either: the farmers would remain seated on their products and the distributors would have to get rid of them again in March at dumping prices. Thus, more meat would probably be eaten than before. But that’s not the whole point behind this challenge: it’s much more important to find out how varied the plant-based diet is and how this can have a positive effect on our body during these 28 days.


The problem with labels


I know a lot of people don’t believe in labels like that. Vegetarians, flexitarians, vegans, paleo… I can understand that attitude. Ultimately, sustainable consumption is to be given priority. It matters what we eat at home every day, what we buy, where we do it and how often. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that if we really eat a purely vegetable diet, we can concentrate better on what is possible at all.

Many people still think that being vegan has to do a lot with renunciation. That is the wrong word, however. I can say clearly today that I’ve never eaten so good and different. I experiment so much more with fresh food. I cook even more than before. And that’s how I feel. I’ve never felt as comfortable in my body as I have since I’ve become vegan.


Getting rid of excess pounds


Of course, you can also eat vegan rather unhealthy. But since I have a very balanced diet myself – that is to say, I only eat wholesome food – I can eat larger portions than I could have done before. That’s no wonder. Those who combine a lot of vegetables and fruits with complex carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and healthy fats cannot do so much wrong. The challenge is also perfect for those who want to get rid of a few extra pounds.


For the environment


A further and no less important aspect for me is the environmental idea. I’m not only vegan because of animal suffering or health. Eating plant-based is less harmful for our planet. Meat is simply an environmental killer. Animal husbandry, and hence the consumption of animal products, is largely responsible for climate change. Depending on the study, up to 51 percent of all man-made greenhouse gases are attributed to it. Whoever thinks that soy is no better now: 95% of soy is used as feed for farm animals. Only about 2.5% are actually used as food.


Cheese, milk, eggs and meat: these are the alternatives


Anyone who is now afraid to live without cheese, milk and meat should be aware of the fact that there is a suitable alternative product for almost everything. In every supermarket you will find a growing selection of vegetable spreads, vegan sausages, cheeze and much more.  These products often taste super authentic that even meat eaters do not notice any difference and are much healthier for us.

Surely it is possible to take this challenge on your own. But it is easier if you can exchange ideas. Therefore, on my blog aniahimsa. com and on Instagram @aniahimsa I will be giving little help during all days in February and I will be there to help you too. So if you choose to join in, you will certainly not be alone!

By the way, there is now a hashtag which will accompany us during this month:




So, if you post anything, be it in your story or on your channel, you can link me to it on Instagram. So I can find your pictures and videos and share them on the channel.

So: Now there are actually no more excuses. I’m curious to see who will be joining the experiment and I’m looking forward to hearing, reading or seeing each other soon.

All the love,

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