Creamy banana free green smoothie bowl

Creamy banana free green smoothie bowl

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I love bananas myself. But since I know that many can’t eat bananas or just don’t like the fruit, I had to put myself in the kitchen and guess what: I’ve come up with a new recipe for you. Whoever follows me on Instagram will know that I prepare a smoothie bowl for lunch every day anyway. By the way: I do this because otherwise I will fall into an eternal afternoon depression and I will no longer be productive at all. I’m much more of a dinner lover. But I am rambling again, that’s not the point of this blogpost (at least not today).

I don’t want to keep you guys waiting much longer. Let’s start with the recipe. Until then only this: If you want to know why green smoothies are so healthy, my blogpost about this topic is highly recommended. You can find it here.

So let’s see what you guys need. I promise you will love this recipe. The smoothie is super creamy and sweet in taste. A great way to satisfy the need for greenery in the morning (or in my case at noon).

You’ll need:

1 frozen kaki
1 boiled and peeled sweet potato (cooled)
250 gr silk tofu
1 handful of baby spinach (fresh)
Abrasion of an organic lemon
juice of half a lemon
1/2 teaspoon Bourbon Vanilla

Optional for extra vitamins and nutrients:

1/2 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder
1/2 teaspoon Maca powder



  1. I recommend you to bake some sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week (or if you already have the oven hot for another dish anyway). So you don’t have any unnecessary power consumption. Tip: You don’t have to peel the sweet potatoes. Simply pierce with a fork a few times before baking and then put it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 200 degrees. I then put the potatoes into a glass jar and store them in their entirety (with a bowl) until I need them.
  2. Take the sweet potato and mix it with all the other ingredients in a blender until you get a creamy mixture. If you want to serve it as a dessert, you can add some more coconut milk. Then it becomes even smoother. It tastes really good to me, though. By the way, if I still have some leftover vegetables (like cauliflower or cucumber) I also like to add them in. If you are rather new to the area of green smoothies, then just start with spinach. And hey: Of course, you can also leave that out completely, it tastes great.
  3. As you can see: I love to experiment and adapt the recipes a little bit new. When the kaki season is over, I’ll probably switch back again. The meaning of this blogpost was to show you as well that it’s not necessary to use bananas and avocado to make a creamy smoothie. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet: Here is my blogpost about why I don’t eat avocados anymore! Let me know if you want to see some other recipes with pears and/or apples too. I’d love to help you out.

Lots of love from Zurich,

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