Berlin food guide: A vegans paradise!

Berlin food guide: A vegans paradise!

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If there is one city in Europe that is absolutely perfect for vegans, it’s Berlin. I still call it THE food paradise. Due to my studies and the semester abroad I had the chance to live in Berlin for five months in 2016/17. As you can probably image I wasn’t I grudged no pains to try literally (well almost) every vegan café, bar and restaurant in town – and I’ve been still processing that list with new stuff every time I visit Berlin again. It would be a shame to just keep the best spots for myself so I thought about writing this blog post for you where I recommand you some of the best places. Have fun and let me know if you’ve already tried one of these too (or if you know others of course).

Superfoods Liquids & Co.

This place located in Berlin Mitte has the best acai bowls in town. Probably not only in Berlin, in fact it’s the best one I’ve ever had. It’s a little bit more pricy at Superfoods Berlin if you compare it to other cafés BUT the portions are huge. Sometimes I even came here to grab a smoothie bowl for lunch since it was absolutely filling. They top each bowl with cacao nibs, granola, buckwheat and some fresh fruits. Also there are two other smoothie bowls on the menu – one with matcha, one with mango. I’ve tried them both, especially the matcha has become one of my favourites too. If you’re not a smoothie person you could also go for a chia pudding, a sandwich, a big bowl of salad (they offer different dressings) or a juice and coffee. For me this was the perfect spot to catch up with friends, to study for my exams or just grab something on the go after a good workout session at the gym.

The only negative aspect I could figure out it that they use a lot of unnecessary plastic. If you order a salad bowl or a chia pudding they would take it out from the fridge where those products are prepacked for people who want to take them away. Maybe just ask for an alternative and mention that you would appreciate it if they would go for a plastic free option! Together we can change something – hopefully.

Visit the website here.

Soy Vietnamese Cuisine

I stopped counting my visits here. This plantbased vietnamese restaurant is located in Berlin Mitte has become my all time favourite spot to eat, especially in the evening. Try their rice bowl with tofu and veggies (n. 53) or the Pho with coconut milk and sesame crackers. Those are my two favourite dishes. The only bad thing about Soy is the music which usually is very loud. Also the staff sometimes isn’t as attentive as I wished them to be. But all in all: This is a must try and the food won’t disappoint you, I promise!

Visit the website.

Hum Vegan Cuisine

During my last stay in Berlin when I came back after my semester abroad, I went to Hum Vegan Cuisine. The menu is quite similar to the one you can find at Soy but the atmosphere is much nicer and the staff is really friendly as well. I tried their Pho and really liked it a lot!

Visit the website.

Cat Tuong

When it comes to a good Pho Noodle Soup the one at Cat Tuong is definitely my favourite. The place is quite small and they don’t take reservations. But it’s totally worth it to wait for a table.

Visit the website here.

Beets & Roots

Beets and Roots is the place to go if you love healthy vegan fast food. The restaurant itself also offers vegetarian options but there are a lot of plantbased bowls and of course you can also create your own version. I tried three different bowls, the protein bowl was definitely my favourite. Tip: Order without dressing and add more fresh herbs instead! I can also recommand you the curry bowl and the green salad. Super fresh and tasty. You can find the restaurant in Berlin Mitte, they have two different locations.

Visit the website.

Pho Noodlebar

The Pho Noodlebar is a vietnamese restaurant located in Berlin Mitte which isn’t completely vegan but offers delicious plantbased options. Unfortunately the Pho itself isn’t vegan since it’s made with beef broth but they curry for sure is. It’s made with coconut milk mango, different veggies and fresh herbs. I absolutely loved it. Also the summer rolls as a starter are available without meat. And for dessert you can go for a super delicious banana cake or steamed buns with different fillings. Furthermore the staff is super friendly and they really endeavour to make the best vegan options for you.

The only negative aspect about this location is that they don’t mark vegan dishes on their menu so you’ll have to ask the staff to figure out where the vegan options are.

Visit their website here.


This cute little café is so famous for its tasty porridge that you have to be lucky to find a table to eat (ok, the location is pretty small too). But even if there isn’t a place to sit you order your oatmeal for take away. The prices here are really fair and the portion size is good. Still make sure to order the bigger portion though, the difference between this and the little bowl isn’t worth the price difference! Note: Not all the bowls are vegan due to their toppings. Just ask the staff which ones are plantbased. In the afternoon they also have a soup of the day which I haven’t tried yet.

Visit the website.


When it comes to big brunch buffets I’d definitely recommand you to visit Kopp’s. They offer a big variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Their brunch starts at 9.30 am and ends at 4.30 pm. It’s an all you can eat buffet and the price is 15 euros. This may be a little bit more pricy but it’s totally worth it. They work with fresh, local and organic producs only.

Visit the website.

Chén Che

Surprise, surprise: It’s another vietnamese restaurant. Sorry for that but I couldn’t skip this one. Chén Che is a very lovely tea house which offers a great range of fresh tea but also a great vegan food menu too.

Visit the website.

6 thoughts on “Berlin food guide: A vegans paradise!”

  • nice choice, I’ve been to a few of them as well. I really liked the food in Soy, but to me, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz is definetely in Mitte, not Prenzlauer Berg.

    • Hi Céline, thank you so much for your feedback. Which restaurant was your favourite? I’m always happy to try new places. Hehe, yes, you’re right. I’ll change it right away. Best wishes, Anina

  • Tolle Auswahl! Ich liebe Berlin und werde sicher einige Deiner Restaurant Tipps bei meiner nächsten Reise berücksichtigen!
    Ich finde „whatdoyoufancylove“ auch ganz toll zum Frühstücken!
    Oder wenn man abends schick essen gehen will das „Spindler & Klatt“
    Beides keine „nur“ vegane Restaurants aber mit veganen Optionen 🙂

    • Danke für deine lieben Worte, Zoe! 🙂 Im Spindler & Klatt war ich noch nie, danke für den Tipp! Das “whatdoyoufancylove” war jetzt nicht so mein Fall. Ich finde das Café laut und die Säfte nicht wirklich gut. Ist aber sicher Geschmacksache!

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