8 positive effects of green smoothies

8 positive effects of green smoothies

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We live busy lives and I often get asked for easy breakfast recipes on the go. When we are stressed, we trend to forget about how important fruits and veggies are during the day, especially as a first meal. By starting your day with a green smoothie you already make sure to have a big amount of the nutrients in your body. But what makes those green hulks so healthy?

1) More water intake

Firt of all, veggies contain a lot of water. And water is an essential daily substance that we all need. Our bodies are mostly composed of water, and we need to keep our bodies hydrated. I even like to add more water on top of my greens, it makes it so much easier to stay hydrated than by only drinking water by itself.

2) Better skin

We often spend a lot of money on skin care products because we think they’ll make us look better and fresh. But trust me, green smoothies are so much higher in vitamin E and vitamin C, as well as fiber and antioxidants, so that will help your skin a lot more than all these products.

3) Less inflammation

Another great thing about green smoothies is that they help to re-mineralize the body to get rid of the toxic effects of an acidic diet. Consuming lots of processed foods high in saturated fats lead to inflammation a lot. Especially dark leafy greens can help you here. Furthermore green smoothies are packed with fiber. It will help you to keep things moving in your body (better digestion).

4) Easier/faster digestion

They are also loaded with enzymes for easy digestibility and better nutrient assimilation. Blending also helps unlock nutrients and maximizes their delivery to the body. Nevertheless: Make sure you chew your smoothie. Sounds weird but you have to insalivate those greens to digest them better. Otherwise all the vitamins will just go through you.

5) Bigger amounts of greens

You would have to prepare yourself a huge bowl of salad if you’d like to take in all the veggies at once that you’d use for a green smoothie. And to be honest: Salads are great, but nobody wants to eat them for breakfast, right? Having a green smoothie in the morning also makes it easier to get in all the greens you’ll need during the day. You can easily go for a high carb meal for lunch for example because you know that you’ve already included a lot of veggies in the morning.

6) Less cravings

Whenever have a green smoothie as my first meal my cravings for sweet and bad stuff won’t exist. I don’t know the exact explanation for this but I guess it’s because the smoothie is sweet already and it really keeps in full until the next meal in a good way. If you feel like a smoothie isn’t enough for you, you could also add in some more nutrients with oats, quinoa pops, etc. I usually drink them without adding extra carbs since I normally put in 2 bananas and/or dates to keep me full.

7) They save time

Green smoothies are very easy to make and can be a quick go-to-drink. Just make sure you’ll store some fresh green leaves in your fridge and always freeze some bananas the night before. That’s all you need.

8) Mental clarity

For me as as student and blogger is it important to stay focused.  Junk food makes our brains feel cloudy.  Drinking green smoothies on the other hand will clear your mind and free up your creativity. I feel sharper than I’ve ever felt in my life. So now it’s your turn to give it a try!

Now it’s your turn to try out a green smoothie! If you’re still looking for a tasty recipe, make sure to check out my favourite combination here.

Lots of love, Anina

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